Appalachian Wood

The Appalachian Mountains, are a vast system of mountains in eastern North America. They are believed to have been the highest mountains on earth roughly 466 million years ago, much like (but higher than) the Himalayas today, when all of today's continents were joined as the supercontinent Pangaea. The Appalachian chain is a barrier to east-west travel as it forms a series of alternating ridge lines and valleys oriented to oppose any road running east-west.

Within North Carolina are the Blue Ridge Mountains, they are widely held to be sacred woods. Rebecca Nova has lived with these woods for many years selecting pieces that have fallen after winter storms. She removes the bark, sands, signs, oils and blesses each piece of wood.

Once the wood is prepared, Nova adorns them with semi precious stones that have been cleansed and purified. Each Sacred Stem is an original work of art that is adorned corresponding to astrological principles and healing properties until it is balanced correctly. The finished stem sizes range from small hanging stems(for the rear view mirror of your car), standard stems, standard embellished stems, talking sticks, staffs, scepters and no two Sacred Stems are alike.

Sacred Stems can be used for healing, balancing, wishing, fun, and cleansing. They are also used for personal ceremonies and planetary healing. Others may use them purely as decoration or Feng Shui cures depending on the properties of the stem.