During a vision quest in her midlife, Rebecca Nova received a message, to create a tool that humankind could use to help heal the earth, her people and all living things. These wooden tools embellished with quartz crystals and gemstones were to spread joy through their use and they are to be called Sacred Stems. A child of the forest, growing up between the Everglades in Florida, and Asheville North Carolina, Nova holds a deep appreciation for the forests and all the natural world. It was after a large storm, that Nova began collecting fallen branches. As she returned to her home in the woods, she became overwhelmed with the sense that these branches were meant for a larger purpose than to be decomposed back into the earth. Nova set to work to cleanse each branches’ energy and rebuild it using precious stones. Sacred Stems were created for the purposes of sending healing energy, directing energy, cleansing areas, balancing chakras and/or increasing energy. The purpose of each stem passes directly to the holder and changes as the need arises.